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Do you want to share your snowmobile moment with us?
Santa's House of Snowmobiles organizes a photo contest during late winter season 15.3-15.4.2016
Theme of contest is snowmobiling during the late winter.

Take part by adding hashtag #mysnowmobilemoment and @santashouseofsnowmobiles to your picture of snowmobiling or send photo by email to us. Facebook is not part of our contest. It is possible to take part with more than one photo. 

The participant shall have full copy rights to the picture, in which he/she takes part in the competition. The names of the participants and the uploaded images can be published on the websites and the Exhibition managed by Suomen moottorikelkkasäätiö. Photo settings has to be public.

After 15th April jury will select finalists which ones can be voted winners in Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Best three photos will decorate the Exhibition of Santa's House of Snowmobiles.
Winners get also rewards in special prize giving event at Santa's House of Snowmobiles Saturday 23rd April. 

During the distribution of prizes event entrance ticket is -50% off,
there will also be a lottery and the audience can vote their favorite photo.

Children's snowmobile moment
"Draw a picture of snowmobile moment of your dreams.

Use standard A4 paper and let your imagination inspire you!
You can draw picture at our place in Santa's House of Snowmobiles (children under 10 year old get entrance ticket for free) or send it/copy of it by email/post.

Pictures sent can not be returned. 
Please add your full name and contact information to your picture.

This drawing competition is for children under 10 year old. 

Between all participants we draw lots a special prize."

21.11.2015 The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season 2015

kuva nettoon

The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season in Rovaniemi 2015

The Grand Opening of the Christmas Season 2015 takes places in Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland on Saturday 21st November 1 PM – 5 PM.

View the event live on YouTube on the Visit Rovaniemi channel on 21st November 4 PM – 5 PM: www.youtube.com/RovaniemiOfficial 

The day starts with Christmassy family fun at Santa’s House of Snowmobiles from 1 PM until 4 PM, featuring crafts, storytelling, snowshoeing, tandem skiing and kids’ snowmobiling (snow activities weather permitting – alternatives will be arranged if needed); Treats and surprise features are also on the bill!

At 4 PM, the Grand Opening of The Christmas Season starts at the central square of Santa Claus Village. The elves put on a festive spectacle that culminates in Santa Claus’ speech – what’s he got in store for us this year?
The evening is rounded off with dancing to Christmassy disco tunes. The event ends at 5 PM, but Santa Claus continues receiving visitors at Santa Claus Office even after.

The event is organized by Visit Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Office, Santa’s House of Snowmobiles, Wild Nordic and Finland’s National Organization for Children.

7 February 2014: Grand opening – Five decades of snowmobiling


Photo: Lapin Kansa

Come celebrate with us for the grand opening of Santa’s House of Snowmobiles on Friday 7 February at 12:00 noon at Santa Claus Village. Aimed at the whole family, the event includes a naming contest for the exhibition mascot and a kids "seek-and-find" activity sheet. In addition to this, free guide services are available to all grand opening guests. Welcome!