A snowmobile experience - from the 1960s to 2010 - for visitors of all ages

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Photo: Lapin Kansa

Did you know that Harley-Davidson also used to manufacture snowmobiles?

This year's "Five Decades of Snowmobiling" theme will introduce the visitor to some real snowmobile treasures and rarities. The exhibition includes all makes of snowmobiles, providing an overview of their technological evolution and uses in an Arctic environment. The exhibition will also offer a narrative and visual look at life in the northern climes beginning in the 1960s.  Snowmobile-related clothing, articles and equipment complete the unique experience.

The exhibition will present everything ranging from the first snowmobiles of the 1960s to the state-of-the-art machines of the 2010s. One of the true gems of the exhibition is an extremely rare Harley-Davidson snowmobile from the 1970s.